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June 27, 2023

Distance yourself from people that you don’t want to become.”

Shane Parrish

We're halfway through the year and that means it's time for a recap of some legendary moments of the Win the Day podcast so far in 2023.

Before we do that, if you live in Australia, I’m headed your way real soon. On Friday, 14th July, I’ll be the keynote speaker for a lunchtime event in Brisbane. It’s being run by an amazing group called Springboard and their mission is to inspire, motivate, and accelerate your life and career. 

I love attending events like this – not just speaking, but attending – because getting out of your comfort zone to meet new people who could have a massive impact on your life is one of the best things you can do.

Plus, I’ll be there sharing some things from stage that I’ve never shared before – and I’d love to see you in person. 

So grab your tickets for this event in Brisbane:

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Let’s get into 10 Steps to Win the Day – and the best highlights from 2023 so far…

Resources / links mentioned:

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Renew Your Purpose with Tory Archbold (Ep 136)

The Champion’s Path with Dr. Jeff Spencer (Ep 134)

How to Succeed in Uncertainty with Rich Diviney (Ep 124)

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Fatal Conveniences with Darin Olien (Ep 140)

How to be a Girl Dad with Madeline Anderson (Ep 132)

Purpose at Work with Simon Mainwaring (Ep 138)

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