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To ensure James’ presentation at your event is a success, we require the following:

• Projector for PowerPoint presentation
• Screen
• Lavaliere, lapel or headset microphone
• A wireless remote to advance the PowerPoint slides


James Whittaker was born in Australia and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. After a successful career in financial planning where he led an adviser team with $2 billion under management, James began his own entrepreneurial journey. Today, through his podcast, social content, and media appearances, he helps two million people each month to Win the Day®.

With an eclectic background, James' superpower is helping ambitious but frustrated people gain immediate clarity on what they want and giving them a bulletproof plan to achieve it.

James has been featured extensively in television, print, and digital media around the world, including The Today Show, Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, and The Australian. He has also appeared on 600+ podcast and radio shows, and spoken to audiences of 2,000+ people. In 2019, James launched the Win the Day podcast that has now amassed 50 million views in 130+ countries.

He is author of bestselling personal finance and motivation book The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth, named book of the month by Money Magazine. His second book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy was released in 2018 and has been translated into 15+ languages. It also serves as the official companion to the multimillion-dollar film based on Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic. (James is a proud co-executive producer of the film.)

In 2020 James' latest book Andrew Carnegie's Mental Dynamite was released in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Obsessed with what separates ordinary people from extraordinary achievers, James has interviewed 600+ of the world’s top performers to unlock their secrets to success, including Dr. Gabor Maté, Barbara Corcoran, Dr. Daniel Amen, JJ Virgin, Rob Dyrdek, Tim Storey, Gabby Reece, Dr. Michael Breus, Dr. Ellen Langer, Rich Diviney, Bob Proctor, Dan Negreanu, and Chris Voss.

In 2022, he was named in the '40 Under Forty in Podcasting' global list by Podcast Magazine.

James completed an MBA at Hult International Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, and during this time he was the principal organizer, MC and mentor for numerous high-profile entrepreneurship events.

In his own entrepreneurial career, he has launched successful companies and products in dozens of industries including health, film, activewear, marketing, and publishing.

Outside of work, James enjoys reading, writing, travel, and sports of all kinds. On the weekend, you can find him at the beach with his wife and two young children.

Professional qualifications:

— Master of Business Administration
— Bachelor of Arts (majors: English & Writing)
— Bachelor of Business Management (majors: Marketing & Real Estate)
— Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

Suggested Introduction

James Whittaker is a 3x bestselling author, podcaster, and speaker. He has interviewed more than 600 of the world’s leading change-makers to unlock their secrets to success. His work has been translated into 15+ languages and his book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy is a modern companion to the bestselling self-help book of all time. James has personally coached Olympic gold medallists, billion-dollar CEOs, and special forces operators. To help us Win the Day®, please welcome James Whittaker.


James has spoken to leading companies, associations, and universities around the world. Some recent testimonials are included below.

"Where James thrives is in showing people how their personal life can successfully integrate with their professional life. His tips on establishing high-value relationships, upgrading your daily routine, and finding joy were brilliant and extremely timely. If you want a high-performing team, book James now."

– Josh Procopis (Chief Operating Officer, Harcourts North America)

“James goes above and beyond, more than anyone I’ve ever seen. He is a world class speaker, exceptional podcast host, and an exemplary business coach. If you get the chance to work with him in any capacity, do it."

– Brandon T. Adams (Emmy award winning producer and television host)

“James is a captivating speaker and his energy is contagious. Everyone who attended our event had rave reviews of his presentation. I highly recommend booking him for your next event!”

– Ricky Cain (President, Cain Realty Group)

“James possesses an incredible blend of wisdom and vitality that captivates every room he enters! His Win the Day keynote is a source of excitement, motivation, and profound influence, compelling any audience to unlock their latent potential through easily actionable steps. Following his inspirational workshop at our Springboard & Co event, the feedback received was nothing short of extraordinary. James’s session illuminated pathways for our network to cultivate more prosperous lives and careers. If you're in search of a transformative keynote that will elevate your event and leave your audience in awe, look no further than James Whittaker!"

– Naomi Lynn (founder/organizer, Springboard & Co)

“We were incredibly impressed with James’ dynamic presentation. Judging by the amount of questions and the lineup to see him after he spoke, James’ advice truly resonated with the audience. We see a lot of guest speakers and James has been the stand-out, no doubt due to his targeted content but also the warmth and engagement he uses to delivers it.”

– Natalie Berndt (St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace)

“James Whittaker is a master of motivating and providing vision to those who want it. His encouraging style and objective feedback enables you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. There is no one I would recommend more highly than James to assist you in achieving your goals.”

– Elizabeth McIntyre (Group CEO of billion-dollar construction industry)

"James has an amazing way of saying what we all need to hear and putting it into a way that we start asking ourselves, "Are we really making a difference!?" James has a passion which comes instantly through and we are so thankful for the opportunity to have him speak to our members. It was a true wake up."

– Marcia O'Connor (President, Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Philadelphia)

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