Take ownership of your financial, physical and mental health with bestselling author, keynote speaker, and every-day winner James Whittaker.

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James has interviewed 200+ of the world’s most revered business leaders, cultural icons and athletes to unlock their secrets to success.

Today, the bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur draws on his unique experience to help people take ownership of their financial, physical and mental health.
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“James Whittaker has done a marvelous job in capturing Napoleon Hill’s legacy."
Bob Proctor
One of the world’s foremost success coaches
"This book both inspires and motivates one to follow their dreams and achieve success. "
Barbara Corcoran
Property expert and star of hit television show Shark Tank
“I am honored to be part of this book and the film.”
Rob Dyrdek
Pro skateboarder, venture capitalist and television personality

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