Hosted by 3x bestselling author, James Whittaker, the Win the Day podcast was created to reveal how the world’s best performers Win the Day – and how you can, too.

Featuring exclusive interviews with: billion-dollar founders, #1 NY Times bestselling authors, medical experts, world champion athletes, special forces operators, and more…
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What are others saying about the Win the Day podcast?

The key to greatness

I am forever in awe of the way James speaks and shares throughout his episodes. There’s so many practical tips you can apply to your life straight away to go after what you want. Not only that, he’s interviewed the best in the world and passes down even greater knowledge to his community. Highly recommend – this man will change your life!

A huge fan!

I am a huge fan of James Whittaker and for good reason! He's clear, inspiring, enthusiastic and always delivers a message that will guide you to start living a life on purpose! Thank you James for your dedication to help others!

Achieve a higher level of success!

Achieve a higher level of success in business and life by tuning in to WIN THE DAY with James Whittaker. Truly inspiration and insights that transform lives!

Amazing job

Love how JW brings a down to earth approach that inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to win the day! He’s awesome!

Unbeatable inspiration in every episode

Every guest that is brought on the show is carefully curated and selected to ensure they are bringing value to the listeners. Every insight is carefully explained, explored, and shared through James’ incredible interviewing techniques. I know after every episode I’ll have a new insight on running my business, growing my mindset and winning the day everyday in my own life.

Amazing podcast with great advice

James is such an incredible host. He asks thoughtful questions and his podcasts naturally have deep, impactful conversations that you can learn a lot from. 10/10!

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I’m ready to win

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