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“James Whittaker both inspires and motivates one to follow their dreams and achieve success. I am honored to have my story included.”

-Barbara Corcoran (property expert and star of hit television show Shark Tank)

“James Whittaker will give you the inspiration, direction, and motivation to IGNITE your entrepreneurial dreams.”

– John Lee Dumas (Founder/Host of award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire)

Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy shows how a simple change in thinking can enable you to change your life.”

– Lewis Howes (Founder/Host, School of Greatness)

“James Whittaker has done a marvelous job in capturing Napoleon Hill’s legacy.”

– Bob Proctor (one of the world’s foremost success coaches)

“James Whittaker will inspire you to chase your dreams, just like Napoleon Hill motivated me to chase mine.”

– Warren Moon (NFL Hall of Fame quarterback)

“It is an honor to have my story included in James Whittaker’s book. I hope it motivates others to keep pursuing their potential, no matter what obstacles they face.”

– David Meltzer (speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Sports1Marketing)

“James Whittaker is a modern-day Napoleon Hill. In his powerful speeches, he channels lessons from some of the most accomplished and influential figures of our time to provide practical strategies to help people take ownership of their lives.”

– Brandon T. Adams (Emmy-award-winning producer and TV host)

“James was the keynote speaker for the Young Entrepreneurs Convention. He was incredibly inspiring and motivating to all attendees (us included!), and was the perfect person to kick off this year’s event.”

– Clayton Mooney (Founder/Organizer, Young Entrepreneurs Convention)

“James Whittaker’s book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy allows people to think bigger than their circumstances and then it gives them a blueprint to achieve the success they desire.”

– Sharon Lechter (Author, Think and Grow Rich for Women; Co-author, Three Feet From Gold, Outwitting the Devil & Rich Dad Poor Dad)

“James recently spoke at our Chamber of Commerce meeting where his presentation was both inspiring and engaging. The content was positive and very relevant for our members. I would highly recommend James as a speaker for your next event.”

– Ray Strong (President, Southeast Brisbane Chamber of Commerce)

“James Whitaker is a very powerful yet kind and caring leader who touches the soul of everyone hearing him speak. Through inspirational true stories and proven success strategies, James transforms fear into confidence, allowing the audience to believe in themselves and become who they need to be to accomplish their dreams.”

– Kaya Redford (Founder/President, Global Transformation Academy)

“When opening our new office, we needed to do something special. We gave each attendee a copy of Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy and had James Whittaker do a presentation to our special guests. We received extremely positive feedback on his presentation. James combined the perfect amount of motivation and engagement for our audience. We are most appreciative, and already planning our next event with James!”

– Brad Monk (Director, LifePath Financial Planning)

"James has an amazing way of saying what we all need to hear and putting into a way that we start asking ourselves, "Are we really making a difference!?" James has a passion which comes instantly through and we are so thankful for the opportunity to have him speak to our members. It was a true wake up."

– Marcia O'Connor (President, Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Philadelphia)

“James Whittaker is simply AMAZING! His speeches cause you to think bigger, dig deeper, and expect more. The best part is it has this effect on all people no matter where they are in life!”

– Dr Sonja Stribling (business expert and and US Army veteran)

“I am honored to be part of this book and the film.”

– Rob Dyrdek (pro skateboarder, venture capitalist and television personality)

“James is a dynamic, impactful keynote speaker who delivers the timeless principles ofThink and Grow Rich to a modern day audience.

– Janine Shepherd (bestselling author, speaker and change agent)

“The success stories in this book will not only inspire you but also empower you to achieve anything you want in life.”

– Satish Verma (President/CEO, Think and Grow Rich Institute)

“Buy it, you have a book. Read it, you have the blueprint. Do it, you have the world!”

– Cactus Jack Barringer (entrepreneur, inventor and sales extraordinaire)

Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy is perfect for any entrepreneur who feels like they’re stuck dealing with the same problems over and over again. It offers incredible insights for finding long-term effective solutions.”

– Bill Shaw (President, Entrepreneur Media)

“It’s an honor to be featured in James Whittaker’s groundbreaking book that I believe will inspire people for 100 years and beyond.”

– Derek Mills (Founder, DailyStandards.com, bestselling author and success coach)

“James Whittaker is a compelling writer who weaves words into wisdom. Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy is a must have in your top self-development section.”

– Joel Brown (entrepreneur, speaker and business strategist)

“James Whittaker has done a marvelous job with Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy. This book will inspire people of all backgrounds to think bigger than their circumstances and give them a blueprint to take immediate action.”

– Dr George Pratt (bestselling author, clinical psychologist and peak performance coach)

“In Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, James Whittaker has created a dynamic combo between the wisdom of Napoleon Hill and the stories of individuals who took ACTION in order to achieve their idea of success. If you desire to be successful in life, I urge you to read this excellent book.”

– Don Green (Executive Director, Napoleon Hill Foundation)

“James was entertaining, educational and a great speaker to have. As the first speaker of the day, he certainly set the bar high! If you get the chance to have James on your stage, do it.”

– Melissa Krivachek (Founder/Organizer, The Ultimate Sales Summit)

“We were incredibly impressed with James’ dynamic presentation. Judging by the amountof questions and the lineup to see him after he spoke, James’ advice truly resonated with the audience. His presentation revealed practical strategies for how to take ownership of your financial, physical and mental health which were to the point and timely, with a perfect blend of real-life insights. We see a lot of guest speakers and James has been the stand-out, no doubt due to his targeted content but also the warmth and engagement he uses todelivers it.”

– Natalie Berndt (St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace)

Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy shows how to harness the power of the right mental attitude.”

– The Sydney Morning Herald

“A fantastically inspirational book!”

– The His & Her Money Show

“James is a captivating speaker and his energy is contagious. Everyone who attended our event had rave reviews of his presentation. I highly recommend booking him for your next event!”

– Ricky Cain (President, Cain Realty Group)

“Inspired and inspiring from beginning to end, Think and Grow Rich The Legacy is very highly recommended.”

– Midwest Book Review

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