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We ALL have the potential for exponential growth, meaning, and contribution. The only thing missing is the right plan to ignite it.

As the foremost authority on how to Win the Day, James has dazzled packed audiences at leading companies, associations, and events all over the world.

His high-energy, empowering, and entertaining presentations will give you the inspiration to eliminate what's holding you back, the motivation to take massive action, and the plan to win — in all areas of your life.
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Speaking Topics

James is excited to understand more about your goals for the event and prepare a unique presentation to best achieve them. Here is a sample of his most requested topics...

Win the Day:

How to Activate Your Winning Life
In his signature “Win the Day” keynote, James leads the audience on an entertaining, emotional, and empowering journey to activate your winning life. Highly interactive, each attendee will understand James’ renowned WIN Method so they can put it into practice in real time – and generate results before they even leave the room. You will learn how to connect with a purpose greater than yourself, enrich your relationships more than you ever thought possible, and close the gap between your daily performance and your potential.
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Key Takeaways:
• The #1 secret that determines whether you win or lose.
• How to unlock mega-productivity in everything you do.
• How to create an alignment between personal and professional growth.
• How to enrich your relationships and attract massive opportunities.
• The 10 commandments of the Win the Day® routine.
• How to use adversity to your advantage.
• How to close the gap between your performance and your potential.

WIN Your Authority:

How to 100x Your Influence, Income, and Impact
In an increasingly digital world, visibility is more important than ever. In “Win Your Authority”, James walks you through his proven blueprint to: wield your voice as a force for good (and become a thought leader rather than a thought follower); catapult your brand; and scale your income without scaling your workload. James also reveals the secrets that led to him establishing friendships with some of the most successful people on the planet – and how he built a brand that reaches 2M+ people each month – so you can do it, too.
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Key Takeaways:
• The #1 trap that's stopping you from breaking through.
• Why (and how) to create an emotional connection as quickly as possible.
• How to activate your personal brand quickly, affordably, and effectively.
• How to differentiate your brand – and build trust – in a noisy market.
• How to build a content machine to reach your ideal client – and keep your pipeline full.
• The secret to scaling your income without scaling your workload.
• How to leverage mutually beneficial relationships for enormous growth and impact.


How to Create, Manage, and Leverage High-Level Relationships
If you're serious about amplifying your influence, there's one thing that will get you there faster than anything else: relationships. In “Win Your Influence”, James shares a step by step guide to building your tribe of influential and raving fans who serve as your frontline brand advocates. He also reveals the exact system he's used to create, manage, and leverage relationships at the highest level so you can solve more problems, add more value, and wield more influence than you ever thought possible.
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Key Takeaways:
• Why relationships are the ultimate amplifier for your life and business.
• The 7-step process to establish relationships with the world's most influential people.
• How to get people excited about you and your mission.
• Why most people fail when attempting to befriend successful people.
• How to attract lucrative business opportunities – without lifting a finger.
• How James got featured on 150+ podcasts in a single year.
• What you can do to continue adding value to the most important people in your life.

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As a renowned keynote speaker, James has delivered acclaimed presentations and workshops to people in 20+ countries. He is represented by the SUCCESS® Magazine Speakers Bureau. If you'd like to have James speak to your company, association, or event, get in touch:
"James is an outstanding speaker. He has a unique way of helping you recognize what's most important in your life, then gives you a detailed action plan to achieve everything else you want — before you even leave the room. His session was high energy and extremely practical."
Ben Brady
CEO, Harcourts Auctions
"When opening our new office, we needed to do something special for our clients and guests, so we brought James Whittaker in. We received extremely positive feedback. James combined the perfect amount of motivation and engagement for our audience."
Brad Monk
Director, LifePath Financial Planning
"James is a dynamic, impactful keynote speaker. His energy is magnetic and his content is both powerful and practical. If you want someone to help you win the day, I can't think of anyone better."
Janine Shepherd
6x bestselling author, TED speaker and change agent
"James Whittaker is a master of motivating and providing vision to those who want it. His encouraging style and objective feedback enables you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. There is no one I would recommend more highly than James in achieving your goals"
Elizabeth McIntyre
Group CEO of billion-dollar construction industry
"James possesses an incredible blend of wisdom and vitality that captivates every room he enters! His Win the Day keynote is a source of excitement, motivation, and profound influence, compelling any audience to unlock their latent potential. The feedback we received was nothing short of extraordinary."
Naomi Lynn
Founder/Organizer, Springboard & Co
"James has an amazing way of saying what we all need to hear and putting it into a way that we start asking ourselves, "Are we really making a difference!?" James has a passion which comes through instantly and we're thankful for the opportunity to have him speak. It was a true wake up."
Marcia O'Connor
President, Entrepreneurs' Organization Philadelphia
"James is a captivating speaker and his energy is contagious. Everyone who attended our event had rave reviews of his presentation. I highly recommend booking him for your next event!"
Ricky Cain
President, Cain Realty Group
"James was the keynote speaker for the Young Entrepreneurs Convention. He was incredibly inspiring and motivating to all attendees (us included!), and was the perfect person to kick off this year’s event."
Clayton Mooney
Founder/Organizer, Young Entrepreneurs Convention
"James has an extremely accessible style. His genius is in making you so comfortable that you open your heart and can unlock the treasure you’ve kept hidden within. At its core, that’s where we find meaning and purpose in each day – and James is a master at connecting you with it."
Nick Lowery
Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame NFL player
"Where James thrives is in showing people how their personal life can successfully integrate with their professional life. His tips on establishing high-value relationships, upgrading your daily routine, and finding joy were brilliant and extremely timely. If you want a high-performing team, book James now."
Josh Procopis
Chief Operating Officer (Harcourts North America)
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