James Whittaker is ready to help you, your team, and your clients, to Win the Day EVERY day.
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Win the Day™:

How the World's Most Successful People Win the Day Every Day ... and How You Can Too
It doesn't matter what you know; it matters what you DO with what you know. In his signature 'Win the Day™' keynote, James draws on lessons from an acclaimed international career — as well as firsthand interviews with 300+ of the world's most successful business leaders, athletes, and cultural icons — to help you win the day every day. Through proven strategies, practical tips, and his renowned energy, James will show attendees how to to immediately transform your personal and professional life forever.
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Key Takeaways:
• The #1 secret that sets the foundation to winning the entire day.
• How to 10x your productivity.
• Why most people fail.
• How to create an alignment between personal and professional growth.
• What a winning daily routine looks like for sustainable success.
• How to come through adversity stronger than ever.


How to 10x Your Influence, Income, and Impact
In an increasingly digital world, visibility is more important than ever. In 'Win the Business', James walks you through his proven method to: wield your voice as a force for good (i.e. become a thought leader rather than a thought follower); catapult your brand; and scale your income without scaling your workload. James also reveals the secrets that led to him establishing friendships with some of the most successful individuals on the planet, and how you can do it too.
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Key Takeaways:
• The #1 trap that stops entrepreneurs from truly breaking through.
• How to differentiate your brand in a noisy market.
• What medium is best to build trust with your ideal audience.
• How to seamlessly create and publish engaging content to boost visibility.
• How to leverage mutually beneficial relationships for enormous growth and impact.
• The secret to scaling your income without scaling your workload.


How to Create, Manage, and Leverage High-Level Relationships
If you're serious about amplifying your influence, there's one thing that will get you there faster than anything else: relationships. In 'Win the Influence', James shares a step by step guide to building your initial tribe of raving fans who serve as your frontline brand advocates. He also reveals the exact method he's used to create, manage, and leverage high-level relationships so you can solve more problems, add more value, and wield more influence than you ever thought possible.
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Key Takeaways:
• The simple strategy that James used to get featured on 150+ podcasts in a single year, despite having never been on one previously.
• How to build your core tribe of raving fans.
• The #1 mistake that stops you from getting a 'Yes' from people you want to connect with.
• How to generate an immediate ROI on your podcast — before the episode is even published.
• Why relationships are the ultimate force multiplier for your life and business.
• How to create, manage, and leverage relationships with the world's most successful individuals.
• The exact formula to have high-level influencers and experts willingly share your content — without you paying a dime.

“James is a dynamic, impactful keynote speaker who delivers the timeless principles of Think and Grow Rich to a modern-day audience. Do yourself a favor and hire James for your next event!”
Janine Shepherd
Bestselling author, speaker and change agent
“James Whittaker is a modern-day Napoleon Hill. In his powerful speeches, he channels lessons from some of the most accomplished and influential figures to provide practical strategies to help people take ownership of their lives.”
Brandon T. Adams
Emmy-award-winning producer and TV host

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James has helped professionals and entrepreneurs in 20+ countries learn how to Win the Day™ EVERY day. His superpower is helping ambitious but frustrated people gain immediate clarity on what they want and give them a bulletproof plan to achieve it. James is represented by the SUCCESS® Magazine Speakers Bureau. If you'd like to have to James speak to your company, association or event, get in touch:

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