Is anxiety stopping you from
growing your business?

Turn your biggest worries into your most powerful amplifiers forever.

Reason for Subscription

The Vulnerability Reframe Worksheet gives you 3 things:

Identifies what’s holding you back.

When you know exactly what those obstacles are, you’re ready to blast them once and for all.

Reframes your struggles to strength.

Through a simple process, you’ll leverage those negative thoughts into powerful amplifiers.

Grows your business with confidence.

Free of what’s been holding you back, you’re finally ready to give your business the ultimate upgrade.
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My superpower is helping business owners and C-level executives get clear on what’s holding them back. In fact, I’ve worked with clients in 20+ countries to help them create more income, influence, and impact than they ever thought possible.

The #1 thing holding people back from that next level is their inner voice. While they might be incredibly compassionate and supportive to those around them, they can be very hard on themselves. As the anxiety and doubt compounds, it leads to inaction, overwhelm, and even self-sabotage.

For the first time, I’m publicly sharing the worksheet I created to help my top clients transform that inner voice once and for all.

It’s called The Vulnerability Reframe Worksheet.

Once you download it, you’ll quickly be able to turn your biggest worries into your most powerful amplifiers forever.


Because the seeds of greatness are planted in every message you send yourself. The right method transmutes our mindset so we can move forward confidently and achieve greater success than we’ve ever had before.

So if anxiety is stopping you from growing your business and getting to that next level, download The Vulnerability Reframe Worksheet now.

It’s a simple process but a valuable skill you can take with you forever.

Onward and upward always,
James Whittaker

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