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Adversity causes some people to break; others to break records.”

William Arthur Ward

Ralph DiBugnara is one of the most recognized property experts in the world. After struggling financially in his younger days, Ralph committed to ending generational poverty not just for his family but for millions of others around the world.

Since then, he has closed more than $40 billion in loans, amassed a personal portfolio of more than $15 million, and been featured in Forbes, MSNBC, and Yahoo Finance.

He’s the President of Home Qualified, a digital resource for buyers and sellers, and Vice President at Cardinal Financial, a nationally recognized mortgage loan company.

In addition, the Brooklyn native is host of The Disruptors Network where he discusses entrepreneurship and real estate. The show is available everywhere, including Roku, Amazon, and Direct TV. 

Recently, Ralph launched a mentoring program for inner-city young adults called The Generation Disruptor Scholarship Program, developed to educate students on how to get into the real estate industry, break generational curses, and cultivate leaders in their communities.

Check out the YouTube or podcast version where Ralph DiBugnara does the Win the Day Rocket Round, answering questions about his favorite quote, what advice he’d give his 18-year-old self, the one thing on his bucket list, and a whole lot more?

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to succeed in real estate investing
  • The biggest financial mistakes people make
  • How to leverage social media to build your business, and
  • What you can do to cultivate a mindset for massive success.

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Resources / links mentioned:

⚡ Ralph DiBugnara website.

🌎 The Disruptors Network.

📝 Ralph DiBugnara Facebook.

📷 Ralph DiBugnara Instagram.

💡Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

📚 Relentless by Tim Grover.

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