How to Get People Excited in YOU

July 3, 2018
James Whittaker
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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Bernard Baruch

The foundation of ALL great achievement is a clear definition of success. If you have not already done so, download and complete the Success Plan Template. This will provide a comprehensive outline of what’s most important to you and what steps you need to take each day to inch you closer to your perfect destination.

Following on from the last newsletter How to Harness True Power, let’s talk about how to get people excited in you. Contrary to what pessimistic people say—and what sensationalist media outlets print—most of the world is brimming with kind, generous and loving people who want to help you achieve success.

There’s just one problem: they don’t know how. Here are three ways to get people excited in you.

1. Broadcast where you’re going.

An important part of completing the Success Plan is having the most important people in your life complete it, too. Not only does it create a bond for you to grow together, it provides clarity on the support you need individually. Equally applicable to both individuals and business, important components of this are: purpose, mission and values.

You will be amazed at how much help you will receive from people organically when you are:

  • Publicly and frequently clear on where you’re going
  • Increasingly becoming a person of value, and
  • Surrounding yourself with winners.

Remember to update your social media profiles, website, marketing collateral (if applicable), and willingly offer it when prompted during conversations—just remember to ask others where they’re going and how you can help them, too.

2. Tell people how they can help you.

I recently spoke with accomplished speaker and entrepreneur Adam Carroll best known for his TEDx Talk “When Money Isn’t Real”. Earlier in his career, speaking at a TEDx event was such an important goal for Carroll that he included a reference to it in his email signature.

Sure enough, with hundreds of emails going out each week, someone eventually saw it who was able to help: Carroll was granted a speaker spot at a University of Milwaukee TEDx event. Positive feedback from that presentation led to him being invited to speak at another TEDx event, this time at the London Business School.

With an entirely new presentation, Carroll delivered an inspirational talk that has since amassed more than 2 million views. All because he included his goal in a simple email signature. If people don’t know how they can help you, they can’t and won’t.

If you frequently and unconditionally add value to others, people will jump at the opportunity to return the favor—on the condition that the instructions on what you need are clear.

3. Be upfront with your vulnerabilities.

You cannot have authenticity without vulnerability. Due to the limited programming drilled in to us since we were young, many of us have developed a fear of criticism. This manifests in a constant loop that we don’t have a story worth telling.

The truth? We ALL have an incredible story to tell … every single one of us.

If you’re not resonating with your audience, it might be time to turn your attention to the packaging. Excitedly craft your purpose and your vulnerabilities into an easily engaging story, looping in your mastermind group as needed for the best final outcome.

The best entrepreneurs, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk, are not only happier living their authentic self, they’re experts at packaging their purpose and their vulnerabilities. This creates a far greater connection between them and their audience, and enables them to quickly connect with others.

When properly packaged, your audience engages with you from a foundation of authenticity that establishes belief, trust and, importantly, action.

Think about how you can apply these three steps in your own life. When done correctly, you’ll have an army of people willing to open their rolodex and introduce you to resources that will get you where you want to go, irrespective of the goal.

As Oscar Wilde said: “Be YOU. Everyone else is already taken.”

Onwards and upwards always,
James Whittaker

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