Episode 97

Fighting Your Demons with Denny Denholm | Win the Day™ podcast
July 26, 2022
Denny Denholm is a globally recognized boxing trainer, author of 'Fighting Your Demons' and Royal Marine Commando.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

Denny Denholm is a globally recognized boxing trainer, author of Fighting Your Demons, and Royal Marine Commando. His extraordinary life led him to Iraq where he played a vital role in the rebuild, served as Head of Security for the Iraqi Government, and even had his own bodyguard school.

On his return from a life at war, Denny has directed his focus to helping people find the positives in whatever adversity they’re facing. With a distinguished and eclectic resume, he has proven to be a solution finder and compassionate leader in some of the world’s most conflicted and challenging environments.

Denny has been an A-list bodyguard, celebrity personal trainer, founder of multiple boxing gyms, and even fought against child sex slavery.

In 2022, he was recruited as Global Operations Director for BreakPoint, a UK-based disruptive consulting company run by his good friend – and star of SAS: Who Dares Wins and SAS Australia – Ollie Ollerton.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Finding calm in increasing uncertainty
  • The craziest moments from his elite military career
  • The legitimacy of war in today’s world, and
  • How you can fight your demons once and for all.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Denny Denholm!


0:15 Who is Denny Denholm

2:01 Interview begins

4:03 Growth mindset

7:40 Denny’s personal philosophy

11:15 Time in Iraq

17:00 Active military vs private security contractors

20:00 When a soldier’s loses belief in war

22:05 Camaraderie between Delta, SEALs, SAS, SBS, Rangers

23:05 Divorce and custody battle

29:35 When is war legitimate?

35:25 How to learn boxing quickly

36:25 Personal trainer for The Veronicas

38:34 10 Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

39:10 How to fight your demons

44:55 Ollie Ollerton and BreakPoint

48:56 Rocket Round


Resources / links mentioned:

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📸 Denny Denholm Instagram

⚡ BreakPoint website

📷 BreakPoint Instagram

📚 ‘Fighting Your Demons’ by Denny Denholm

⚔️ ‘Battle Ready’ by Ollie Ollerton

🧠 ‘BreakPoint’ by Ollie Ollerton

🍿 BreakPoint podcast with Denny Denholm and Ollie Ollerton

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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • “If we don't end war, war will end us.” — H. G. Wells
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