Thinking Big with Wes Dening | Win the Day™ podcast
July 12, 2022

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo

Joining us in the studio is a good friend of mine and a legend in the entertainment world, Wes Dening. 

Wes grew up in Brisbane, Australia, before a stint in the Big Brother house gave him a taste of television. Today, he is an award-winning entrepreneur, producer, and content creator.

Wes has developed, sold, and produced critically-acclaimed content for an array of media platforms, and has grown content businesses around the world. As founder of production company WDE, Wes has developed programs that are broadcast in 50+ countries worldwide, including Big Crazy Family Adventure, The Stafford Brothers, and The Flying Winemaker.

In 2016, he joined Eureka Productions where he has since executive produced shows like Dating Around (Netflix), Finding Magic Mike (HBO Max), and Crikey! It’s the Irwins (Animal Planet). Wes also produced the miniature golf show Holey Moley alongside three-time NBA champion Steph Curry, which debuted as one of the most-watched new series premieres on US television.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The three attributes that underpin Wes’ success
  • How to prepare for a successful pitch in your business
  • The most thrilling moments from his television career, and
  • How thinking big can help you win big. 

Before we begin, the right bit of inspiration can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life, so if there’s a friend or loved one who needs to hear this episode or could use some help to Win the Day, share it with them right now.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Wes Dening!

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