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May 17, 2022

Sometimes an expensive lesson can be worth every penny.”

Noel Whittaker

The greatest blessing I’ve had in 38 years on this planet is two parents who have guided me, and continue to guide me, through their example. It’s only when you get older, and especially when you have kids of your own, that you truly grasp the sacrifices and support that your own parents have given you. 

That’s why today I’m so excited to have my father, Noel Whittaker, as our special guest for Episode 87.

There are many reasons why Noel has been such an inspiration to me:

  • He created a successful life after growing up in a modest circumstances; 
  • He’s got the most integrity out of anyone I’ve ever met;
  • He’s extremely motivated, still to this day; and
  • He’s always thinking about what he can do to help the people who need it most.

If you’re Australian you probably know a bit about Noel’s professional background, but for those who don’t know him I’ll share a few notable highlights. He’s one of Australia’s most prolific authors, with 24 bestselling books, including Making Money Made Simple that sold more than two million copies. 

Noel’s been named Australian Investment Planner of the Year, was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal, and was made a Member of the Order of Australia for raising awareness of personal finance.

Together, he and I have collaborated on dozens of projects over the last 20 years, including The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth, which we wrote to help young people with their attitude, goals, and habits.

And in his spare time, which is usually fleeing the chaos of 13 grandchildren, Noel loves to get his money’s worth on the golf courses of southeast Queensland.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about:

  • What action is most important in achieving financial freedom
  • How he was able to turn an unwanted manuscript into a multi-generational bestseller
  • The blueprint to getting featured in national media outlets, and
  • What motivates him, even in the latter stages of his career.

Note: If you’re watching the video interview or listening to the podcast, you’ll notice that I call him ‘Noel’ rather than ‘Dad’. It’s something I’ve always done – and I’m not sure why.

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Let’s WIN THE DAY with my dad, Noel Whittaker!

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