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April 5, 2022

"Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious."

Thomas Edison

Hey Winners,

We’ve got a super special episode of the Win the Day podcast for you today! We have our first ever repeat guest, and it’s Dr Michael Breus — known around the world as The Sleep Doctor.

We had so much positive feedback from the first episode, and many unanswered questions too, so today we’re making sure we leave no stone unturned in helping you sleep better.

I won’t give too long of an intro for Dr Breus today because you can check out Episode 44 of the show where we spoke in depth on his achievements – it’s got a ton of tips, hacks, and secrets to help you sleep better.

For a brief overview, Dr Breus is a four-time bestselling author, clinical psychologist, and sleep expert. He has appeared all over television, including Oprah, The Today Show, and on the Dr Oz show more than 40 times. 

The man is everywhere.

And when he’s not doing media appearances, Dr Breus works with some of the most successful individuals on the planet who want to perform at their peak with as little sleep as possible.

So if YOU want to perform at your peak with as little sleep as possible, this is the episode for you. 

We’ve had people all over the world submitting questions so we’re going to make sure The Sleep Doctor gets you the help you need.

If you’d like to submit a question to me or any of the guests on the show, simply join the Win the Day group on Facebook.

In this episode, Dr Breus shares:

  • How to switch off your brain before bed
  • A Navy SEAL hack to get back to sleep quickly
  • How to become smarter while you’re sleeping
  • Sleep secrets from his A-list celebrity clients, and
  • Answers to ALL your questions on how to sleep better.

Before we begin, the right bit of inspiration can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life, so if there’s a friend or loved one who needs to hear this episode or could use some help to Win the Day, share it with them right now.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Dr Michael Breus!

🎞️  For the video interview, click here.

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