How to Blast the Mediocrity Mindset with Sebastian Terry | Win the Day™ podcast
August 31, 2021

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity."

Will Smith

Our guest today used tragedy to adopt a mindset that has become a powerful catalyst for change around the world. 

In his mid-20s, Seb was travelling overseas when he received a call that changed his life forever. One of his best friends had passed away at the age of 24. That tragic moment made Seb ask himself a simple question, “Am I happy?”

The answer was a resounding “No.” 

Immediately after, Seb wrote out a list of 100 Things he wanted to do, which he hoped would transform his life – and it’s done exactly that.

Now, more than a decade later, Seb has been diligently hunting the goals on his list and empowering others to do the same. He’s married a stranger in Las Vegas (Item #2!), delivered a baby (#23), and even walked across a country (#36). 

With his inspiring message spreading like wildfire, Seb has become an in-demand keynote speaker where he helps individuals, associations, and companies tap into connection, grow meaningfully, and make a difference.

His 100 Things keynote has been delivered on all seven continents to over 250,000 people, and he’s raised more than half a million dollars for various charities.

Seb is also author of ‘100 Things: What's on Your List?’, host of the 100 Things podcast, a TEDx Talk speaker, and featured in ESPN documentary ‘100 Things to Do Before You Die’.

Check out the YouTube or podcast version where Sebastian Terry does the Win the Day Rocket Round, answering questions about her favorite quote, what advice she’d give her 18-year-old self, the one thing on her bucket list, and a whole lot more🚀

In this episode, we’re going to go through some of Seb’s craziest experiences, including being shot in the chest in Colombia and booking a one-way flight from Australia to Oklahoma to visit with a death row inmate.

Seb will also share:

  • His moment of reflection after tragedy
  • Why people wait so long to seek what makes them truly happy
  • How to create YOUR list of 100 Things, and
  • What you can do to blast that mediocrity mindset once and for all. 

Before we get started, remember that the right bit of inspiration can completely change the trajectory of someone’s life, so if there’s a friend or loved one who needs to hear this episode, share it with them right now. 

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Sebastian Terry!

🎞️  For the video interview, click here.

Resources / links mentioned:

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⚡ 100 Things website.

✔️ Sebastian Terry on LinkedIn.

📝 100 Things on Facebook.

📷 Sebastian Terry on Instagram.

🌎 100 Things - What’s On Your List? TEDx Talk.

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