Episode 194

Reclaim Your Freedom with Dan Martell | Win the Day
July 9, 2024
Dan Martell is a tech entrepreneur, angel investor, and growth coach for SaaS founders. He is the author of WSJ bestseller ‘Buy Back Your Time’.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

Dan Martell is the epitome of Win the Day. He is a proud family man, successful business owner, and an advocate for helping all those around him – family, team members, clients – to shine.

Dan has founded, scaled and successfully exited three technology companies within a 10-year period. His recent book ‘Buy Back Your Time’ continues to dominate bestseller lists, and he’s become one of Canada’s top angel investors.

Dan has founded, scaled and successfully exited three technology companies within a 10-year period. His recent book ‘Buy Back Your Time’ continues to dominate bestseller lists, and he’s become one of Canada’s top angel investors.

As a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and growth coach, Dan has been a guiding light for thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, assisting them in building thriving businesses, particularly in the software as a service (SaaS) industry.

In his early years, Dan faced significant personal challenges, including addiction and jail time, but he made an extraordinary turnaround. Today, he's a big advocate for mental health and addiction recovery. He’s also an ironman, philanthropist, husband, and father of two boys.

In the last two years, Dan’s public profile has skyrocketed, and he reveals the secrets to that growth in this episode.

Above all, Dan helps people around the world to shake up the life they have to create a life they love

In this episode:

  • The inspiring words that turned Dan’s entire life around.
  • How to build a life that gives you energy.
  • The secrets to a happy marriage and household.
  • The most important skills your children need to succeed.
  • How to upgrade your career for more time, money, and freedom.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Dan Martell!


0:16 Who is Dan Martell
1:45 Interview begins
2:23 The prison guard that changed Dan Martell’s life
4:44 The power of believing in someone else
7:22 ‘Buy Back Your Time’ by Dan Martell (and how to build a career you love)
9:39 Use your time to amplify your life
11:14 Being on the ‘grind’ does NOT make you a success
12:18 Are you addicted to being ‘busy’ (and thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk)
13:45 Build a life that gives you energy (and thoughts on Rob Dyrdek)
15:59 Turn yourself into a person of value
17:07 How Jim Rohn is mentoring Dan Martell’s kids
18:48 How can you create more value for the people around you
20:34 How to stop over-committing to too many things
22:48 Download your Win the Day action plan
23:53 The best playbooks to use in your career (The Camcorder Method)
25:56 We teach people how to treat us
28:40 How to improve your marriage
31:08 How to become friends with influential people
35:00 The best piece of advice Dan Martell has ever received
39:21 How to come up with a good business idea
42:16 How to build a lucrative business
45:15 How Dan Martell built his personal brand (and what his social media strategy)
55:02 How to overcomes nerve and self-doubt
59:07 How to balance individual aspirations with family and business
1:02:06 The secrets to a happy marriage
1:05:12 The 5 most important parts of Dan Martell’s daily routine
1:07:24 Affirmation
1:08:10 Rocket Round


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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • "Most entrepreneurs fail because they end up building their business in a way that just feels heavy and hard." - Dan Martell
  • "Don’t equate the grind with success." - Dan Martell
  • "If you are working really hard, but you're not scaring yourself, you're getting it wrong." - Dan Martell
  • "To find fulfillment every day, enjoy the journey of improving yourself and share your process with the world." - Dan Martell
  • "Become the person you needed most in your darkest days." – Dan Martell
  • "Often, the best way for you to lead is to let the person fumble and struggle." - Dan Martell
  • "We teach people how to treat us." - Dan Martell
  • "If you want to be wealthy, be incompetent." - Dan Martell
  • "You don't have to remember anything. You don't have to fix anything." - Dan Martell
  • "If you’re worried about what to say to someone, just ask ask great questions." - Dan Martell
  • "I will always invest in books and knowledge to feed my mind." - Dan Martell
  • "Find a crowd. Develop an offer. Test it with that crowd." - Dan Martell
  • "The words people use to describe their future sets up if it's going to happen or not." - Dan Martell
  • "Everything on my vision board was on the other side of reach and reputation. Everything. The craziest things that I had on my vision board will materialize, will come true, opportunities will be presented to me, on the backend of reach and reputation." - Dan Martell
  • "I get DMs from celebrities and famous business people all day long. And the only reason is because I decided to go from amateur to pro." - Dan Martell
  • "What do pros do? Pros make it a commitment. It's in their calendar. There's a routine, there's training, there's practice, there's coaching, there's resources. There's investments – in both time and money. If you want to see whether you’re stuck in amateur hour, look at your calendar to see how much time you’ve allocated to it and how many financial resources you’ve committed to it." - Dan Martell
  • "Get around people who are executing at the highest levels." - Dan Martell
  • "The best way to build and scale a team is by getting other people external to your company to mentor those people." - Dan Martell
  • "Any time I have nerves, I literally ask God to use me." - Dan Martell
  • "I learned a long time ago that when we make it about other people and we don't make it about ourselves, that's when the nerves go away. The nerves are only there because we're worried about us." - Dan Martell
  • "I'll try to go out of my way and say for my kids, "I want to be a better dad for you. What's one thing you'd love to see me work on or do more of?" And they tell me. I do that with my wife, my kids, my business partners, my team members." - Dan Martell
  • "I don't paralyze myself by worrying if I made the right decision. I make the decision right." - Dan Martell
  • "I say ‘no’ most often not because I'm trying to be rude but because I know what my priorities are." - Dan Martell
  • "Every week I ask my wife, "How have I showed up for you as a husband?" And just listen. And the only appropriate response is, "Thank you." - Dan Martell
  • "You will receive what you desire for others." - Dan Martell
  • "Failure is just feedback. Rename it. Problems are puzzles." - Dan Martell
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