Episode 190

Beyond Medicine with Dr. Greg Eckel | Win the Day
June 11, 2024
Dr. Greg Eckel is a naturopathic and Chinese medicine physician. His wellness and recharging center Energy4Life treats acute and chronic illness.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

“The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of all.”

Last year I was in the audience when Dr. Greg Eckel shared the story of how he lost his 42-year-old wife to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

The tragic ordeal led him deeper into the world of regenerative medicine — a journey that began when he noticed the overmedication of children while teaching preschool.

Today, he is the founder of Energy4Life, a wellness and recharging center in Park City, Utah, and is quickly becoming a global leader in bioenergetics.

Dr. Eckel treats everything from brain health and longevity to chronic illness and hormone imbalance. He also works with patients who are suffering from long COVID and other conditions deemed untreatable.

His approach includes: energy fields, brain scans, blood, mind-body, nutrition, genetics, brain frequency, ketamine-aided hypnotherapy, electro-acupuncture, exosomes, and stem cells; light and magnetic devices; hyperbarics, and more.

Dr. Eckel is a regular contributor to major television networks, in demand as a keynote speaker, and author of “Shake It Off: An Integrative Approach to Parkinson’s Solutions.” He also served as the President of the Board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners.

In this episode, we go deep into the technology that’s accelerating wellness and reshaping the medical industry.

We’ll also explore:

  • The defining moment that changed Dr. Eckel’s life forever.
  • What drives degeneration in the body – and his holistic approach to healing.
  • Why the medical system can be the very thing keeping you sick.
  • How to upgrade your daily routine for more energy, longevity, and happiness.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Dr. Greg Eckel!


0:16 Who is Dr. Greg Eckel
2:05 Interview starts
2:48 How healthy is our medical system
3:30 The overmedication of children
5:45 Do you know how good you can feel
7:24 How corporate greed affects the medical industry
9:54 Losing his 42-year-old wife to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
13:17 Don’t take your loved ones for granted
19:15 Finding gratitude in loss
24:58 How mindset affects healing
28:55 Take ownership of your health journey
31:15 Take the Win the Day quiz and download your action plan
32:06 What is true health
34:54 How you can make better health decisions
37:20 How your social circle affects your life expectancy
39:25 Make your future greater than your past (and why you should rethink retirement)
41:43 How your mind can heal your body
45:09 How well did society manage the pandemic
49:40 Understanding and treating long covid
54:59 What is the best way to detox your body
59:24 How to increase your life expectancy
1:03:35 How to determine what research to use
1:05:09 How to handle terminal illness, including ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)
1:07:19 Affirmation
1:07:44 Rocket Round


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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • “In today’s medical world, we will manage your disease to the grave. We're not really interested in bringing you back to vitality.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “I knew there had to be a better way to treat these kids than drugging them.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “We haven't been taught how powerful we truly are.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “Let's just be curious. We can heal the world if we get enough people tuned into what they're actually capable of doing.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “It’s such a tragedy that there's no discussion in medicine around intentions.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “I'm not going to hang out with people who don't think they're going to live past 100 years old.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “Make your future greater than your past.” – Dr. Greg Eckel (quoting Dan Sullivan)
  • “If you don't have in your heart, mind, and soul, the possibility of you getting better, you will not get better.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “The stats on retirement are horrendous. In retirement, the majority of people die quickly because there's no purpose for the human to be here anymore, so the Universe recalls the pieces and parts. We need purpose, we need community. Aging is a state of mind.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “The DNA sequencing on this virus clearly came from a lab that should be outlawed immediately. That needs to end. Who in their right mind does that? For the benefit of humanity, we had a massive pandemic from a lab.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “The basic tenet of medicine is that people should know what is being put into their body.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “There's more power when we’re together than when we’re separated.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “You don't meet many people who have vibrant health anymore. It is our natural state of being and it is possible.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “Trust that all is happening for you.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
  • “To win the day, start in stillness, taking the moment to connect to your heart and be present and grateful for it.” – Dr. Greg Eckel
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