Episode 162

I’m Dying to Tell You with Dr. Mark Goulston | Win the Day® podcast
November 14, 2023
Dr. Mark Goulston is a leading psychiatrist and communication expert. His mega-bestseller, Just Listen, is regarded as the world's #1 book on listening.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

This is the most unique episode we’ve ever done on the podcast. For some context, in Episode 109, I interviewed Dr. Mark Goulston, one of the world’s leading psychiatrists, communication experts, and mental health practitioners.

He’s also been a hostage negotiation trainer for the FBI; a consultant for companies like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Disney; a contributor to the Harvard Business Review; and author of nine books that have been translated into 20+ languages.

In that first episode, we spoke about his incredible career, how to overcome anxiety and depression, and how to speak with others – especially your teenage children – about mental health. Clips from that episode have gotten millions of views online – and it’s because one of Mark’s many superpowers is helping us initiate conversations we all need to start having, not just with other people but ourselves, too.

Since we first met, Mark has become a big mentor for me. He’s helped me with so much, and he’s so bloody good at what he does. I always look forward to any opportunity we get to catch up.

Recently, Mark let me in on some big news. It’s not my news to share, so I’ll leave it up to him to introduce in a moment.

In this episode:

  • How to save your marriage and create happiness with your family
  • A simple exercise to win every day
  • The gift of death – and the urgency of doing good; and
  • How to get clear on what’s most important to you, before it’s too late.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Dr. Mark Goulston!


0:16 Who is Dr. Mark Goulston
1:57 Interview starts
2:24 What Mark is dying to tell you
5:10 What a fixed timeframe for death teaches you about life
8:12 Give people the gift of caring about you
12:17 The 3 D’s of being a visionary thinker
14:04 Visionary dying
16:14 The Saber Six Foundation
18:09 How to control your emotional triggers
23:49 Mark’s approach to suicide prevention (surgical empathy)
26:05 The power of perspective
29:35 Spreading positivity through presence
33:21 What Mark wants his children to remember
34:34 How to keep your marriage strong when you’ve got young kids
39:39 Being reactive can destroy almost everything
41:20 How do you know if you should divorce or not
43:40 The secret to being good in conflict
46:05 How to assess the quality of your life
48:25 The top two ways to be accountable for any goal
49:37 Rocket Round
54:36 Susan Cain


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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • “Being reactive can destroy almost anything. When you're in a reactive mindset and you act on it, you're going to make almost every situation worse.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “When you're dying, it's not that important how many likes you have. How many loves you have is important.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “Healthy role models are one of the most important tools in developing resilience in your children.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “You owe it to the full expression of your genius to eliminate anything that gets in the way of it.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “There's a lot of people who would like the gift of caring about you.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “If you feel hope, you have a future.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “As soon as you make something the least bit complicated, your customers smile politely and they don't implement it.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “After being told how many months I had left to live, what became important to me literally glowed like an angel in the marble.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
  • “The prospect of dying is teaching me things that living never did.” – Dr. Mark Goulston
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