Episode 160

Building Doors with Lauren Karan | Win the Day® podcast
October 31, 2023
Lauren Karan is founder and director of award-winning recruitment agency Karan & Co and host of the Building Doors podcast.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

Growing up, Lauren Karan had one dream – to be a professional singer. At 19 years old, Lauren got her first shot at the big time, auditioning for the hit TV show X Factor. After making it through to the final 30, the aspiring singer fell victim to the pressure and spectacle of the occasion – a moment that crushed her confidence and caused her to rethink everything she wanted out of life.

But the devastating failure created space for a new opportunity, when Lauren landed her first role in the recruitment industry. With a natural talent for problem solving, relationships, and business, it was a slam dunk.

Today, Lauren is at the helm of Australia’s most disruptive recruitment agency. As founder and director of Karan & Co, Lauren uses her extensive experience in engineering, construction, and other technical markets, to transform companies that want to find – and keep – the best people. Lauren’s family focus allows her to truly partner with her clients who recognize that caring more about people is what unlocks the real profitability and goodwill of a business.

Lauren is also a certified organizational coach, is accredited in behavioral interviewing and psychometric testing, and is host of the Building Doors podcast.

Passionate and well networked in the industry she has also been Chair of the Memberships Committee for the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and continues to serve in the memberships and mentoring committees for over 5 years.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about:

  • Why companies struggle to find and keep the right people
  • How to balance family with career
  • What failure taught Lauren about future possibilities; and
  • How to build doors and turbocharge your career.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Lauren Karan!


0:35 Who is Lauren Karan

2:12 Interview starts

2:59 The power of a mother’s love

4:33 Don’t judge yourself by someone else’s highlight reel

6:52 Focus on what you have rather than what’s missing

9:32 You have the power to transform someone’s day

11:50 How to pivot in your career

13:37 When Lauren Karan auditioned for The X-Factor

15:59 Lauren Karan’s advice for her younger self

20:11 How to balance career aspiration with becoming a parent

24:26 Non-negotiables when it comes to family and career

26:50 How Karan & Co is disrupting the recruitment industry

29:19 Make sure your clients align with your values

32:41 Give people the opportunity to grow

33:34 What makes people want to work for your company

36:54 How to build doors and create opportunity in your career

39:13 How having a podcast can change your life and career

43:46 How to make fun experiences for your children

45:45 Affirmation

47:01 Rocket Round


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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • “Before you can learn success, you must first learn how to fail.” – Lauren Karan
  • “There's a power each of us has to brighten someone else's day, even in a small way.” – Lauren Karan
  • “Create your own path, stand out in your uniqueness, and then you can't be compared – because there is no other you.” – Lauren Karan
  • “Allow people to show up as their whole selves at work and you'll have a loyal employee for life.” – Lauren Karan
  • “Your children will take lessons from what you do well and what you don't do well. Both are equally important lessons.” – Lauren Karan
  • Ask yourself, "What do you want your children to remember?" – Lauren Karan
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