Episode 158

Living with Honor with Nina Aouilk | Win the Day® podcast
October 17, 2023
Nina Aouilk, known as London’s Life Coach, is a TEDx speaker and one of the leading activists speaking out about honor killings and human trafficking.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

Today, we’re sitting down with Nina Aouilk, known as London’s Life Coach.

Nina has overcome enormous hardship and adversity to become one of the leading activists speaking out about honor killings and human trafficking. She is the founder of nonprofit End Honor Killings that provides welfare and support to the victims of attempted honor killings, gender-based violence, domestic abuse, and trauma.

Nina is also a mindset coach to some of the most recognized boxers, UFC fighters, and entertainment personalities. She has presented in the House of Lords, spoken on stages around the world, and appeared in interviews with some of the world’s leading outlets that have garnered more than 50 million views.

In addition, Nina is a bestselling author, a TEDx speaker, and sits on advisory boards for Scotland Yard and The Home Office.

In this episode:

  • Some of the most harrowing moments from Nina’s life and how that shaped the person she is today
  • The reality of what’s really going on in the world
  • Why you need to speak up and use your voice for good; and
  • How to find the courage to rise above your adversity.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Nina Aouilk!


0:36 Who is Nina Aouilk

1:52 Interview starts

3:41 Nina Aouilk childhood (the power of rejection)

6:41 Extreme domestic violence at 14 years old

11:09 Accepting the false narrative

13:50 Why the children of immigrants suffer

14:17 Pregnancy and abortion at 15 years old

15:31 The enduring power of a single act of kindness

17:13 Violence as a cultural norm

19:54 How to get out of a domestic violence situation

22:08 When Nina Aouilk was sold as a sex slave

25:19 The absence of hope

27:42 Attempting suicide and the importance of continuing on

30:13 Attempted honor killing

35:52 How to end the cycle of abuse (and the importance of recognizing what ‘abuse’ is)

40:25 The power of having the right people around you

41:37 Being pregnant for a third time

43:53 The prompt for Nina Aouilk to keep going

45:12 Why it’s so difficult to leave an abusive relationship (and murder attempt)

49:17 You can either drown in your tears or dance in them

50:33 Falling in love for the first time

52:25 How Nina Aouilk helps professional fighters with mindset

55:18 Non-profit to end honor killings (and the power of divine timing)

58:02 Trying to help every other “Nina” out there

1:01:19 The problem with staying silent

1:02:29 Affirmation

1:03:05 Rocket Round


Resources / links mentioned:

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🎤 TEDx Talk ‘There is no honour in killing’ by Nina Aouilk

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📚 ‘Master Your Life: Live The Life Of Your Dreams’ by Nina Aouilk

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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • “You can either drown in your tears or dance in them.” – Nina Aouilk
  • “We all go through some sort of trauma, but it's what you take out of that trauma that helps you move forward.” – Nina Aouilk
  • “It's so important to hold people accountable, otherwise they’ll do the same thing over and over again.” – Nina Aouilk
  • “There is no stigma and shame in asking for help. It's actually a strength.” – Nina Aouilk
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