Episode 146

Happiness at Home with Michael Perry | Win the Day® podcast
July 25, 2023
Michael Perry is the founder and CEO of tech startup Maple, an acronym for Make All Parents Lives Easier.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that keeping your family happy, your house organized, and your own stress levels down is almost impossible. However, our guest today is on a mission to solve that problem once and for all.

Michael Perry is the founder and CEO of tech startup Maple, an acronym for Make All Parents Lives Easier. After becoming a father in 2020, Michael launched Maple as a free mobile app to change the world of parenting and have your home running like a well-oiled machine.

Already, Maple has partnered with more than 70 brands and has more than 80,000 users in the US and Canada alone.

Previously, Michael was the founder of Kit, an AI employee for small business owners, which was acquired by Shopify in 2016. At Shopify, he was a Senior Director of Product and oversaw Partnerships until he left in 2020 to launch his parenting app Maple.

Michael has been recognized by Forbes, Inc Magazine, and Business Insider for his role as an emerging leader and influencer in marketing, tech, and AI.

Outside of the business world, he is a proud father, uncle, brother, son and husband.

In this episode:

  • The biggest contributors to household stress and conflict
  • How to balance business with family
  • The biggest mistakes parents make (and how to fix them); and
  • How you can use technology to bring more happiness into the home.

Michael is also extremely open about his struggles with anxiety and negative self-talk, which is certainly refreshing in the world of filters and edits.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with Michael Perry!


0:43 Who is Michael Perry

2:08 The foundation of self-belief

4:18 First job

6:17 Battle with anxiety – and how to rise above it

11:23 Negative self-talk and inner peace

14:10 Embrace your problems

16:32 How becoming a parent changes your life

18:19 What are you geedy for

20:04 Whether to prioritize your own life or your children’s

22:30 How to understand your purpose

24:17 Who are you willing to be a servant to

27:34 Daily routine and self-care

33:37 Origins of building Maple

38:02 Technology and parenting

41:10 The truth about life as an entrepreneur

44:00 Launch a free app vs a paid app

46:34 The biggest problems in the home today (and how to solve them)

50:15 Redefining masculinity and what taking care of your home looks like

52:31 Best tips for a happier home

57:05 Who are you giving the best version of yourself to

1:01:20 Rocket Round


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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • "If you like where you're at in life, then you have to embrace all the fabrics that have woven that together." - Michael Perry
  • "If you really want to experience the magic of life, you have to prepare yourself for a tremendous amount of pain, joy, love, sadness, and happiness." - Michael Perry
  • "Our purpose is the same as every other living species: to take care of one another." - Michael Perry
  • "I always approach business in this very simple way of who am I willing to be a servant for?" - Michael Perry
  • "We need to redefine what masculinity is and what taking care of your family looks like." - Michael Perry
  • "The underpinnings of all decisions is what you're striving for as an outcome." - Michael Perry
  • "Make sure the people who matter to you the most get the best version of you." - Michael Perry
  • "Do not seek external validation. Find internal validation." - Michael Perry
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