Episode 130

Master Your Mind with Dr. Daniel Amen | Win the Day® podcast
April 4, 2023
Ready to master your mind? Dr. Daniel Amen is a legendary brain health expert, social media phenomenon, and 12-time New York Times bestselling author.
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In this episode of Win the Day:

Our guest today is legendary brain health expert, social media phenomenon, and 12-time New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Daniel Amen.

Dr. Amen’s mission is to end mental illness by creating a revolution in brain health. He’s a physician, adult and child psychiatrist, and founder of Amen Clinics with 11 locations across the US – including the one we’re sitting in right now.

Amen Clinics has the world’s largest database of brain scans for psychiatry totaling more than 200,000 scans on patients from 155 countries.

Dr. Amen has produced 16 national TV shows about the brain, and his online videos on brain and mental health have amassed 300 million views. He has worked with some of the world’s most recognized entertainers, including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner, as well as Olympic gold medalists, billion-dollar CEOs, and leading sports organizations.

He’s also the founder of: BrainMD, the science-based nutraceutical company; Amen University, which has trained thousands of medical and mental health professionals; and the Change Your Brain Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to brain health research, education and patient support.

His new book Change Your Brain Every Day was released in March 2023. 

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Amen about:

  • The problem with the traditional model of mental health diagnosis and treatment;
  • The most effective ways to improve brain health;
  • What you can do to overcome addiction, anxiety, cognitive decline, and genetic risks; and
  • Brain health secrets to help you achieve happiness, success, and purpose.

Let’s WIN THE DAY with the legend, Dr. Daniel Amen!


0:53 Who is Dr. Daniel Amen

2:48  Interview starts

3:14 What’s wrong with the traditional model of mental health diagnosis and treatment

5:55 Troy Glaus mental health

7:17 How to separate negative thoughts from action

9:06 Four steps to overcome anxiety

12:12 Name your mind to create psychological distance

14:31 The problem with the education system

16:11 How to use anxiety as a gift

18:19 How to get someone to change their behavior

23:07 The Law of Attraction

24:17 Mental rehearsal with celebrity clients (e.g. Miley Cyrus, Alysha Newman)

27:06 How to help someone discover what they want

30:45 Visualize hell to help you make good decisions

33:10 Dr. Amen’s tips to Win the Day

37:00 What role does nutrition play in brain health?

40:12 How to overcome addiction

44:35 How to deal with haters

47:29 How to improve brain health in children

49:52 Is alcohol bad for your brain?

55:28 Rocket Round


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Inspiring quotes in this episode:
  • "It doesn't start with, "You have a mental illness," it starts with, "Your brain is hurt. Let's get your brain better and then your life can be better."" - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "Thoughts lie all the time. Just because you have a thought has nothing to do with whether it’s true or if you should believe it." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "Most of your thoughts are what I call ANTs: Automatic Negative Thoughts. Don't attach to them." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "Whenever you feel sad, mad, nervous or out of control, write down what you're thinking and then ask yourself if it's true." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "I'm not a fan of positive thinking. I'm a fan of accurate thinking, with a positive spin." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "If I think about my 25 years of education, so much of it wasn't helpful. Rather than pour things into my brain, I wish they taught me how to think." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "You can’t force people to change. Instead, live by example. When they’re ready for change, they’ll follow." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "Your mind is so powerful. What you feed it will determine what it focuses on." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "We focus a lot on mental rehearsal, "You don't see yourself failing, you see yourself succeeding." Then we put all these obstacles in your way and your brain figures out how to succeed." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "You need to be rehearsing what you want, rather than allowing your negatively-set mind to go and hurt you." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "Love foods that love you back." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "You are not stuck with the brain you have. You can literally change your brain and make it better, and when you do, you change your life." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "What do I want? Is my behavior getting me what I want?" - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "People get burnt out when they're unbalanced." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "You want to see both the positives that happen when you engage in the right behavior, and what hell looks and feels like so you can avoid it." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "The real weapons of mass destruction are highly-processed, pesticide-sprayed, high glycemic, low-fiber, food-like substances, stored in plastic containers." - Dr. Daniel Amen
  • "Alcohol is terrible for your brain. Why would you drink something that purposefully makes you uncoordinated? Why would you drink something that purposefully increases the number of bad decisions that you make?" - Dr. Daniel Amen
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